Night River Cruise

During cruises, meals are served in the form of a buffet that is included in the price. Drinks are charged extra. By prior agreement, and usually only for larger groups, it is possible to prepare a special menu, drinks, a birthday cake etc. that will be charged extra. Please contact us for a quotation.


Aperitif (welcome drink)

– Becherovka (Czech traditional liquor)


Cold Buffet

– Smoked meat (hams, Debrecínka, Mortadela, Herkules, Vysočina, pasties, sausages, cucumbers)
– Cheese (Edam, Emmentál, smoked cheeses, Gouda, Hermelín, Niva)


Hot Buffet

– Grilled chicken legs
– Pork goulash, raftsman Style
– Baked pangasius in tomatoes with garlic-basil pesto
– Chicken mini-steaks
– Broccoli au gratin
– Vegetable couscous


Side Dishes

– Bread dumplings
– Potato chips
– Vegetable rice
– Boiled potatoes
– White and brown breads



– Homemade apple strudel
– Various mini desserts and puddings – three types


Fresh Fruit Selection

– According to the season – apples, oranges, bananas, kiwis, tangerines, table grapes and the like


Selection of Bar Menu

All drinks except of welcome aperitif are charged extra.

This is short selection of bar menu just to get idea of pricing.

– Campari 100 CZK
– Martini (bianco, rosso, dry) 80 CZK
– Bottle of Czech wine from 250 CZK to 550 CZK
– Bottle of French wine from 550 CZK to 1100 CZK
– Czech sparkling wine 300 CZK
– Liqueurs from 60 CZK to 80 CZK
– Whisky 100 CZK
– Vodka 80 CZK
– Soft Drinks 40 CZK
– Cappuccino 70 CZK
– Hot chocolate or Tea 40 CZK